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MX5000BD UISInverted Metallurgical Microscope

 MX5000BD UISInverted Metallurgical Microscope provides versatility and high quality images forMetallurgical Observations


Infinitive Optical System Providing Excellent OpticalFunctions

Infinite LWD Plan Achromatic Objective BD Objective forbright field and darkfield viewing

With the stable stand structureadvanced stage design and comfortableoperation, it is widely used in institute and laboratory to observe andidentify the structure of various metal and alloy.

Meets allyour equirement by High performance optical system, technological innovation,high stability.

It can be easily upgraded forDIC Viewing





Optical System

Infinite optical system

Extra Wide Field Eyepiece


 EW10×/20 Eyepiece with Scale of Cross hair



Infinite LWD Plan 
Achromatic Objective

5×/0.12/∞/-(BF/DF)         LWD 10mm

10×/0.25/∞/-(BF/DF)        LWD 10mm

20×/0.4/∞/0(BF/DF)         LWD 5mm

50×/0.75/∞/0(BF/DF)        LWD 1.3mm

100×/0.9/∞/0(BF/DF)        LWD 0.7mm

Viewing Head                 

Siedentopf binocular viewing head, Inclined at 30°, Interpupillary 48mm-75mm

Kohler Incident Light

12V/50W Halogen light, Center and brightness adjustable

Polarizer and analyzer


built-in Green, Blue, Yellow, Gray and ground glass


Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, fine division 2μm,


Backward quintuple nosepiece


Double layer mechanical stage 226×178mm, Moving range 40mm×40mm

Stage Φ16,Φ40,Teardrop


Specimen presser

Photo/Video attachment

0.01mm  Micrometer scale 0.01mm

Lamp House Adjustment Objective

 Note: ●Standard Outfit, ○Optional