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Model SMZ430 Inspection Zoom Stereomicroscope



SMZ430 offers a zoomrange of 0.7X - 3X with excellent optical quality and smooth zoommechanism. It is ideal for all industrial electronics and educationalinspection application

Unique Characteristics:

Airtight; Anti-mold; ESD requirements



Standard magnification: 0.7x to 3x;total magnification is 3.5x-120x

Zoom ratio: 4.3:1

Working distance: 97mm

Interpupillary adjustment :55-75mm

Diopter adjustment: ±5 diopter


Wide -range Optional Attachments

 Auxiliary Lens: 0.5X (WD195mm), 2X (WD: 50mm)

Wide Field Eyepiece: WF15x, WF20X

Illumination: Fiber optics—Ring light;cold light

Stand: Post stand, tracking stand, BoomStand etc