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F-RX50  Researching  EPI-Fluorescence APO Microscope

FRX50 biological Scientifice Researching microscope is designed to present a safe, comfortable and efficiency observation experience for users.
With perfectly performed structure, high-definition optical image and simple operating system, FRX50 realizes professional analysis, and meets all the needs of research in scientific, medical and other fields.

Main features :

Large stage with adjustment in either hand In order to correct the shortcoming of horizon guide rail, new stage is designed with double-way linear driving mechanism. This change protects the stage from overload at the end of both rails, improves the rigidity and performance of the stage.

The handle of the stage can be set at each side based on users’ preference. The X, Y biaxial adjustment are designed with low position for comfortable operation.

Two slices can be hold on the stage by using damping-type double clips, easy for comparative study. Moving range: 80mm X55mm; precision: 0.1mm Processed with special craft, the surface of the stage is anti-corrosive and anti-friction. The platform with an arc transition design reduces the stress concentration and damage from impact.

Light barrier, which can effectively reduce the stray light, improves the image contrast in fluorescence observation.

Modular frame, improve the system compatibility FRX50 with modularization design, separated cross arm and main body, improves the system compatibility of biological and fluorescence frame.

Highly sensitive coaxial coarse and fine adjustment Coaxial adjustment adopts double-stage driving, with adjustable tension tightness and upper limit stop, coarse range is 25mm and fine precision is 1μm. Not only accurately focus but also precision measurement is available.

Viewing head with multi-splitting ratio FRX50 viewing head is designed of multiple options for splitting ratio. with wide beam imaging system, 26.5mm super wide filed of view is available.

Trinocular head with inverted image, splitting ratio Binocular: Trinocular=100:0 or 20:80 or 0:100. Except for concentrating 100% light to eyepiece tube or camera tube, there is another option with 20% light to eyepiece tube and 80% to camera tube, so that eyepiece observation and image output can be available at the same time.

Trinocular head with erect image, splitting ratio Binocular:Trinocular= 100:0 or 0:100. The moving direction of samples is as the same as observed.


Infinity PlanTrinocular with Semi-Aprochromatic Fluorescent objective and DIC Slot

--InfinityOptical System with Semi-Aprochromatic Fluorescent Objectives
--Bright FieldNosepiece, With DIC Slot
--Large DoubleLayer Mechanical Stage, 187*166mm
--Swing-OutAchromatic Condenser, N.A.0.9 
--12V100W HalogenLamp, Center Adjustable
--Digital DimmingSystem, With LED Indicator




Trinocular Head, 30°inclined, Inverted ImageInterpupillary Distance 50~76mmThree Split Ratio 0:100 20:80; 100:0

Trinocular Head, 30°inclined, Erect ImageInterpupillary Distance 50~76mmThree Split Ratio 0:100 20:80; 100:0



High-Eyepoint Plan Eyepeiece PL10X/25mmDiopter Adjustable

High-eyepoint Plan eyepeiece PL10X/26.5mm ,diopter adjustable


High-eyepoint Plan eyepeiece PL10X/25mm with micrometer,diopter adjustable,



Bright Field Sextuple Nosepiece, With DIC Slot

Bright Field Septuple Nosepiece, With DIC Slot


Bright Field Quintuple Nosepiece, With DIC Slot


Infinity Plan Semi-Aprochromatic Fluorescent Objective

4x/0.13, W.D.=18.5mm 

10x/0.3, W.D.=10.6mm

20x/0.5, W.D.=2.33mm

40x/0.75, W.D.=0.6mm

100x/1.3, W.D.=0.21mm

Working Stage

Double Layer Mechanical Stage, 187*166mm, Moving Range 80*55mmPrecision 0.1mmDouble Direction Transmission, Left And Right Position Handle For Option. Tension Of The Torque Adjustable.


Coaxial Focus System With Upper Limited And Tension Adjustment, Coarse Adjustment Range:25mm, Fine Adjustment Precision: 0.001mm.


N.A.0.9 swing-out type achromatic condenser,with iris diaphragm
and aperture scale, provides sufficient and uniform light for full-field
observation in different magnifications.

Light Source

12V100W Halogen Lamp, Center Adjusted, 
Adopt Digital Dimming System, With LED Indicator, With The Function Of Light Set And Reset

CCD Adapter

C-Mount 0.5x, Focusable


C-Mount 0.65x



100-240V Universal Voltage

  Means Standard Parts; Omeans Optional Parts