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BF6000 Fluorescence Microscope is a Top Epi-fluorescence Instrument.

Epi-fluorescence widely used in biology, medicine, immunology, oncology,genetics, materials science and other fields.FL Conventional configuration has 4wave bands, and B,G,V,U can be switched, and meanwhile, the conventionaltransmission observation can be proceeded. High-quality optical system andfluorescent attachment make you observed the satisfactory fluorescent effect.It is your best choice because of humanized configuration design, convenientoperation system and novel appearance.

This is Top gradingResearch Fluorescence Micro Instrument especially for Routine ExperimentObservation and Scientific Research. This Model is greatly adopted ErgonomicalTechnology, Component modularizing Design and Matured Infinity Optical Systemto achieve high quality image and Multi-performance application.  



Unique Features:

I. Unique optical Design –ExcellentInfinity Optical System(UIS) is adopted. This Ergonomical model is equippedwith high qualified infinity plan objectives to produce better flat and contrastimage.

II. Key important component is pushedinto higher level, new triangle Rack and Pinion Moving system is introduced.Super large Mechanical Stage for Research Operations

III. Multi-observations for Options: Phase contrast kit,Fluorescent Attachment, simple Polarization and Digital Measuring observation.

IV. Pyramid-designed Frame ensures the Excellent MechanicalStability, Ideas from Zeiss Primo Microscopes

VExellentOptics Phase contrast System could replace Nikon Phase contrast

VI. Reflected fluorescence illuminationsystem: 100W mercury lamphouse and power supply , B/G/UV/V fluorescence filterblock



·        UCIS Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical System

·        WF10x plan eyepieces, 20mm field of view, high eye point up to 21mm

·        Seidentopf binocular/trinocular viewing head, inclined 30º, rotatable 360º

·        52-75mm interpupillary distance settings

·        ±5 diopter adjustment

·        Quadruple nosepiece inward facing with positive click stops

·        Infinity Plan Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x(S) and 100x (S/Oil) objectives

·        Right hand controls, low position, mechanical stage, 156mm x 138mm,movement range 76mm x 54mm

·        N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm, with phase-contrast socket

·        Coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism with markings on fine focus knobs.Fine focus sensitivity 0.001mm

·        6 volt 20 watt halogen illumination

·        Dust cover, clear blue filter, power cord, immersion oil

·        Reflected fluorescenceillumination system: 100W mercury lamphouse and power supply , B/G/UV/Vfluorescence filter block

Standard partsand optional parts for reading






Optics system

UCIS Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical Design



Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob, height adjustable.


Viewing head

Binocular Tube, Interpupillary distance 52-75mm,30°inclined,360° rotateable,diopter adjustable.



Trinocular Tube, Interpupillary distance 52-75mm,30°inclined,trinocular light is split 20/80 by a high quality prism,diopter adjustable.


Plan Eyepiece

WF10X/20, High eye-point up to 21mm.




WF10X/22, High eye-point up to 21mm.








WF10X/20(Pointer), High eye-point up to 21mm.


WF10X/22(Pointer), High eye-point up to 21mm.


Reticule Eyepiece:? CROSSWF10X/20


Reticule Eyepiece: CROSSWF10X/22


Infinity Plan Objectives

Plan 2X/0.06 ∞/-, WD3.55


Plan 4X/0.10 ∞/-,WD12.31


Plan 10X/0.25 ∞/0.17,WD5.03


Plan 20X/0.40 ∞/0.17,WD2.71


Plan 40X/0.65 ∞/0.17, WD0.72 (Spring)


Plan 60X/0.80 ∞/0.17, WD0.69 (Spring)


Plan 100X/1.25 ∞/0.17, WD0.17 (Spring,Oil)


Infinity Plan Phase-Contrast (positive or negative) Objectives

PH Plan 10X/0.25 ∞/0.17,WD5.03


PH Plan 20X/0.40 ∞/0.17,WD2.71


PH Plan 40X/0.65 ∞/0.17,WD0.72 (Spring)


PH Plan 60X/0.80 ∞/0.17, WD0.69 (Spring)


PH Plan 100X/1.25 ∞/0.17,WD0.17 (Spring,Oil)


Phase-Contrast Slide

10X PH


20X PH


40X PH


60X PH


100X PH



Multi-Purpose Phase-contrast Condenser: NA:1.25,Phase-contrast observation from 10X to 100X and Dark-field observation from 10X to 40X is allowed


Abbe condenser: NA 1.25, with iris diaphragm, with socket to accommodate PH-slide. Condenser center adjustable, color-coded diaphragm scale markings cooresponded with the objectives of different powers.


Dark Condenser(Dry)



Mechanical Stage: 156x138mm platform, with X/Y travel of 76x54mm by low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob, with scale mark and specimen-slide clip, enough space to hold 2 specimen-slide.


Rackless Mechanical Stage: 179(205)x175mm platform, with X/Y travel of 75x50mm by low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob, with scale mark and specimen-slide clip, enough space to hold 2 specimen-slide.


Revolving Nosepiece

quadruple, inward facing.


Illumination Kohler

With field diaphragm


Electrical Parts

For 6V/20W Halogen Bulb Input: 100-240V0.5A, 47-63Hz, Output:6V 3.4A, Fuse:3.15A, 250V, F ф5×20mm, Halogen Bulb Socket: G4


For 6V/30WHalogen Bulb Input: 100-240V0.5A, 47-63Hz, Output:6V 3.4A, Fuse:3.15A, 250V, F ф5×20mm, Halogen Bulb Socket: G4


For 3W LED Bulb












Digital Camera Adapter




Digital Camera Joint

(Please advice your digital camera model in advance)










Grass Glass


Filter Holder

Filter Holder: (Attached to the Kholer) for more than one filter.


Polarization kits

Analyzer Slide


Polarizer Slide


Reflected Flourescence Attachment

DC Hg Florecence Lamphouse 100W


Mercury lamp 100W(Made in China)


Mercury lamp 100W(Osram)


Filter Turret


UV Shield


DC Hg Power Source House 100W


UV Excitaion Filter (I Grade)


V Excitation Filter (I-Grade)


B Excitation Filter (I-Grade)


G Excitation Filter (I-Grade)


Illumiation Bulb

6V20W Osram Halogen Bulb


6V30W Osram Halogen Bulb


3W LED Bulb


Immerse Oil



Allen Screw Driver




Inner package: foam, plastic bag; Out Package: Carton