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South Optics  is a PremiereProfessional Optical System Designer and high- tech Precision Manufacturer foroptical instrument, especially for all kinds of Microscopes &accessories
Through comprehensively technological cooperation with China Famous optical and
precisionprofessors, we are fully engaged in supplying the perfect opticalsolutions for worldwide customers in the Multi Opto Electro-mechanicalfield- From high precision optical components, lens system design toopto-mechanical hardware for applications covering the entire wavelengthspectrum.

We have already built upour own high quality ranges of products supported by our own ISO9001 factory and cooperating –Jointed shareholding facility in China.

Currentlywe are the leading One- stop Supplier and Servicer for Optical measuringEquipment. Our Optical Measuring instruments are widely adopted in Biotechindustry, in the automotive Semi- industry and in the mechanical, precision andoptical engineering, as well as in science and research.  From prototyping to volumeproduction, our goal is to bring your vision to life with topcost-to-performance ratio w/o sacrificing quality.

Main Investment Field: 
Micro optics for microscopes 
Microscope image system,
Optical Components: Top Optical Precision Components ,
Customized Micro optical components   
Advanced Industrial Inspection Equipments & Material Testing machines etc
Fiber optics for lightings

Our Capability--What can we do foryou?

Manufacture high precision optical lens

Manufacture high-precision mechanical parts

Assemble optical components and opticalsystems

Our Featured products

High-precision optical lenses andrelated model

High-precision metal parts

High-precision optical components

Design Complete optical system

In addition to microscopy applications,our products also cover broader embedded optical system applications

We provide OEM  / ODM  Service Custom Lens Design & Assembly, Imagingand IR Lens System, SWIR Lens, High-grade Custom Objective.


OEM/ODM service to the customers all over the world

To clients without any knowledge in optics field, our professional teamwill provide correct solutions for your all optical problems

To Clients with mature designing of the optical components,our    manufacturing team will achieve it realization accordingto your standard.

To clients with just a sample of the optical part, our professionaldesigning team will evaluate the sample and design it according to yourrequest. Saving your cost here in regular production

To Clients with unique ideas on the optical part, our designing team toevaluate your idea and design the product to fulfill your target.

Our designing and manufacturing team has accumulated experiences for yearsin designing for Top famous Optical Corporation, All in one --the confidentialityagreement with each customer to protect our customers if you request