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Opto Center Introductions

Optics Center is a leading Designing and Manufacturing Facility ofcustomized high-quality precision optics. We are dedicated to finding cost effectivesolutions and providing customers with quality products at competitive prices,especially for microscopes optical lens

Facility Producing Capability

Huge Producing Capability,Competitive Attracting Offer

Advanced processingequipments and precision measuring instruments

Capability: all kinds of microscopeoptics lens polishing and assembly

FeatureCore Products: All kinds of microscope optical components

Typical latest Lens: Long working distance APO PlanObjectives, Fluorescence Objective

What canwe do for you?

OEM/ODM service to the customers allover the world.

We provideprofessional and efficient optical solutions for our customers worldwide.

To clients without anyknowledge in optics field, our professional team will provide correct solutionsfor your all optical problems

To Clients with maturedesigning of the optical components, our   manufacturing team will achieveit realization according to your standard.

To clients with just asample of the optical part, our professional designing team will evaluate thesample and design it according to your request. Saving your cost here inregular production

To Clients with uniqueideas on the optical part, our designing team to evaluate your idea and designthe product to fulfill your target.