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24W LED fiber-optic ring light system is ideal for applications requiring cool, lab-quality high intensity light, including veterinary surgery, electronic part inspection, forensics and engraving among others.

The ESD-Safe and UV-free LED light source accepts input voltage from 96V-265V and allows a continuous range of subdued or concentrated lighting, controlled by a rotary dimmer dial on the front panel. The 5/8" light guide receptacle allows secure fitment of the 39-incih flexible ring light guide and the 65mm ring diameter will fit a wide variety of modern stereo microscope bodies. Illumination intensity is variable from zero to full brightness and optional filters can be mounted in the receptacle for greater flexibility. A low-noise-signature forced-air cooling fan helps to ensure a trouble-free, 10,000 hour service life for the 24W LED bulb. The lamp color temperature is 5600K at 1600 lumen output, providing cool, shadow-free illumination for PCB inspection, materials failure analysis, manufacturing quality assurance and many others.



Powerful 24V LED : High intensity 24W light

Brightness: 5.3 KFC

Power Supply: 96V/265V 50Hz/601Hz

Variable Controlled Lighting: 50% to 100%

Lamp Color Temperature: 6000-7000K

Life: 10,000 Hrs

Lamphouse Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.5" x 3.5"

Shadow-free, Long-life LED

ESD-Safe and UV-Free

Variable intensity control

Weight :4kg                                                         

Filters : red , yellow , blue  for options