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Model IMT100 Multifunctional High Power Industrial  Microscope


This model is designed and mainly aimed at thesemiconductor , wafer manufacturing, electronic and metallurgicalindustry.  it is used to identify &analyze the structure of various metal and alloys  ,suitable for being in factories,laboratories, etc to research and analyze the Casting quality, Materials andMetallurgical structure after treatment. The design meets with the ergonomicsneeds and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in doing your job.

1. Bright andwide viewing field can provide with clear and steady positive image.
2. Adopt UIS Hight-resoluion, long working distance and infinity light pathcorrecting system objective imaging technology.
3. Extending the multiplexing technology of objective, compotible infinityobjective with all the observation methods, including bright & dark fieldobservation, polarization also provide with high clear and sharp image in eachobservation method.
4. Aspherical surface Kohler illumination, increasing the viewing brightness.


    Optical System: Excellent Corrected Infinite OpticalSystem with 200mm tube lens focal length

    Eyepiece :High Point WF10x eyepieces , FOV =22mm

    Viewing Head : Trinocular , inclined 30 degrees androtatable 360 degrees

    Nosepiece : Quintuple reverse bearing locating

    Interpupillary distance adjustments : from 55mm to 75mm;diopter adjustment ±5

    LWD M plan HL APO objectives:2X/0.055,  5X/0.14,  10X/0.28,  20X/0.29,  50X/0.42

    Mechanical stage: size 6’’ moving range

    Condenser: N.A. 1.25 abbe condenser with iris diaphragmand filter holder

    Adjustment :Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls,built-in focus stop and tension control

    12V50W  Halogen  Lamp  Reflected  Illumination

    Comprehensive Accessories for Options

    Features of Testing Lens

     Long Working Distance

     Bright Field Inspection

    HighQuality Testing and Design

    NiceColor chromatic aberration

    Flatimage effects around the entire Field of View

    Strain-freeis corrected

    Testing LensPerfect Alternative for Popular Famous Mitutoyo